April 2017 Cost Forum Available

From the President:

Hopefully we can all put away our winter gear and enjoy the 3 days of Spring in DC before we dive straight into the summer. Thank you to everyone who attended one of the events in March, the Federal Agency Roundtable and the Northeast TCM Symposium. The roundtable included representative from agencies all across DC learning about AACEI and sharing techniques for managing cost and projects. 100 professionals from around the region participated in two days of seminars and networking outside of Philadelphia, PA. We were able to share the "Building Business Series" with some the other sections and sat down with Don McNatty of DR McNatty to talk about how he built his firm to handle project controls management solutions and technology across the world. Please contact aacei.ne.symposium@gmail.com for presentations or to help plan next years event.  
Community Service
The board is currently trying to identify a community service event for our members, to give back to our community. If you or your firm hosts or is participating in an event this spring or summer, please send an email with information to aacei.ncs.president@gmail.com  

Membership Participation  
In the quest to achieve another "Platinum Section" award from Nationals, we are given credit for section member participation in AACEI technical product development, Board participation, subcommittee participation or publication in either the Source Newsletter or Cost Journal. If any of these applied to you in the past calendar year, please send an email to aacei.ncs.secretary@gmail.com before June 1, 2017 so we can get credit for your achievements!   

Certification Training
We are looking to sponsor a certification training for the region. If interested in attending or teaching a training session, please complete this brief survey to let us know: CERTIFICATION TRAINING SURVEY

Upcoming Events
We have two great events planned for April and May 2017. On April 27, we will have our inagural "AACE-Insiders" Series program featuring a conversation with Allen Chilmeran & Shohaab Kadiani from the $2.7B DC Water Clean Rivers Program to explain how they manage program & project controls on the 20 year program. Registration and Webinar details can be found here. 

On May 16,  Ashok Iyengar, Chief Planner at Bechtel, will offer his expertise on the most common causes of project failure, as well as how data-driven analysis and smart applications can provide project professionals with more meaningful project insights and improve the overall likelihood of project success. Registration and Webinar details can be found here.

Without the efforts of volunteers, we would not be able to function. If you or someone in your organization would like to get involved, please email me or give me a call. The commitment can be as large or as small as your schedule permits, and It is a great leadership and networking opportunity, plus you earn credits for re-certification.  

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback, and I look forward to connecting with you in 2017!

W. Regis Fox
(301) 938-0622