January 2018 Cost Forum

On behalf of the Board, I want to wish everyone a Happy 2018, and I hope that the holidays were relaxing and enjoyable for all! 2018 has already brought us a "bomb cyclone", so we are excited to see what other new things are coming our way this year. 

We had a great 2017. We are on track to win another Platinum Section award from Nationals. We had a great turnout at our joint Holiday party with the National Capital Chapter of CMAA and we are looking forward to additional  joint meetings in the future with local chapters of CMAA, ASPE, SAME, the Washington Building Congress, and the American Bar Association to name a few. We are in the midst of our training for the CCP and we look to provide PSP training later this year. 

We have been busy planning our events for the Spring in addition to preparing for a transition to a new Executive Board. We are actively looking for new members of the Board for our elections starting on February 1, 2018.  This experience has been both personally and professionally rewarding for me, and I encourage anyone looking to advance their career in Project Controls to get involved. This role has given me a built in icebreaker to engage with business executives, industry experts, and other professional association leaders across the country. It forces me to stay on top of industry trends, and I am able to routinely practice my planning and management skills outside of my day job. It is a great opportunity for younger professionals to expand their network and provide some guidance as they are trying to figure out their career path. The time commitment is flexible, so please don't let that be a deterrent to getting involved. I am sure the other board members would feel the same way, so if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or anyone else on the board. We will be have extended our nomination period up until January 31, 2018 for President, Vice President and Secretary so please do so by clicking the button below.   

January 2018 Program
Join the National Capital Section of AACEI and the National Capital Chapter of CMAA on January 18 at the NOVA District Office for the Virgina Department of Transportations where Susan Shaw, Megaprojects director for VDOT, will give an overview of her projects and processes she and her team use in financing and managing transformative megaprojects in the region.

We are able to host this event free of charge thanks to our sponsors. If your company is interested in sponsorship, please contact Chowdhary Gondy at aacei.ncs.vp@gmail.com or (571) 402-9162 

More information can be found here and the link below.

New Job Postings
December 1, 2017 - Senior Cost Estimator - Alexandria / Arlington, VA

AACEI NCS is pleased to offer job postings on its website and through its section email distributions for $50 each for a 60 day period. Sponsor firms receive this benefit for free. Reply to this email for further information.

Please feel free to reach out to me or anyone on the board if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can provide a better experience for you.
W. Regis Fox
(301) 938-0622