June 2016

The National Capital Section


Volume: 8    Issue: 1        June 2016



I want to first inform the membership of the 2016 / 2017 election results.  Regis Fox was unanimously elected President of the National Captial Section (NCS) for the new Program Year.  Regis has been active in his role as Vice President over the previous year, and has been helpful to me in planning and managing our section.  Regis has a lot of great ideas for improving the functioning and access of the section to its members.  For example, Regis is leading committee to provide some of our typical monthly technical programs through the internet.  This initiative will allow more members access attend the monthly programs when the commute to/from doesn't allow.  I am confident that Regis will be successful leading the NCS in the coming year.

At the Vice President's position, we had tough competition between Chowdhary Gondy and Michael Marcell.  In the end, Chowdhary received the majority of the votes to secure this position on the NCS Board.  Chowdhary has been NCS' Treasurer over the past year and he has done a great job.  I am sure he will continue his much appreciated efforts working with Regis and the Board to guide NCS over the next year.

Bruce Lyall, former Communications Co-Chair, was unanimously elected Treasurer.  Bruce has significant experience and success as a NCS Board member and will help lead NCS this coming year.

We have a new Secretary for the 2016 / 2017 program year – Dia Khafra.  Dia has been an active NCS member over the past year and is excited about joining the NCS Board to serve as Secretary.

At the AACE Annual Meeting later this month, the NCS will receive the Platinum Award for the fifth year in a row.  This award only happens when our NCS members dedicate themselves to achieving this high level of recognition and excellence.  I want to personally thank everyone that has made this award possible for the past two years of my tenure as your President.
Looking ahead into the balance of 2016, we are planning programs starting in September.  Please keep an eye on the NCS calendar (at aacei-ncs.org) for upcoming programs as we secure speakers.  As a reminder, we try to schedule our monthly programs the third Thursday of each month, if speaker and venue scheduling allows.

I hope to see all of you at the AACE Annual Meeting later this month in Toronto.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend an annual meeting, I strong encourage you to find a way to make it happen.  The technical presentations made by AACE's members are current, educational, on point and interesting.

It's been a pleasure serving the NCS over the past two years as your President.  I want to thank all of the Board members for their participation and assistance during my tenure, without it, we would not have accomplished what we did.  Thank you.

Robert (Bob) Freas, PSP
President NCS